Dubai is very famous for travelling as people from other countries come to buy luxury items and to see the infrastructure of Dubai. According to the global destination cities Dubai is on top due to its attraction. Dubai attracts 15 million and above people including overnight visitors. Every business in Dubai gets huge success due to the attraction and cleaning ness in Dubai.

When a country attracts so many visitors that means the tourism industry also gets excellent growth and the foreign investors are ready to invest to earn profit especially in Dubai. Setup travel agencies in Dubai is easy, you just need to follow some rules and regulation of the Dubai government only.
In order to set up a travel agency, you just need to follow some special guidance by Make My Companies which will help in establishing the travel agency in Dubai. This travel agency sector is the most profit earning sector because the people from other countries keep on travelling to Dubai some time just to buy the items from Brand showrooms.

Various Points To Consider Before Starting a travel Company in Dubai

In order to open a travel agency, it’s important to decide in which type of company you want to operate a travel agency as there are two options: one Limited Liability Company and other one is Sole Proprietorship.

It is important to make a decision because the producer of registration and licensing is different. For example, in LLC you have registered as travel agencies this is the common requirements and as a sole proprietorship, an owner of this business should have a certified travel agent certificate.

After deciding the company type, the next step is taken toward the registration procedure but still, you need to know a few more aspects which are important.You must have the form in which the travel agency will control.In the way of establishing a travel agency, it’s important to operate in Dubai or in Free zones
If you are a foreign entrepreneur then you have to appoint a local agent as it will help you in the registration procedure.
Another important point, when you take a license then choose your type of travel agency carefully.

After all the point, you must have funds for your startup business.According to the current changes in legislation, our local consultant can offer complete service in which all the taxes are included, especially in the incorporation procedure of travel agencies.

When you select Dubai’s free zones especially being foreign investor then you are free from one rule in which you must have a local partner that means you will have full control on your business. The travel agencies have a limited offer of any type of travel service to their customers in the free zone.

What Are The Steps To Open A Travel Agency in Dubai?

Most people think that opening a travel agency is complicated, but the truth is that It is very easy to open a travel agency in Dubai. All the steps are necessary and easy to follow also, when you apply for a tourism license just select the correct type of business first, as it is important for your setup of travel agency in Dubai.

The following are the types of licenses for which you can apply according to your requirement.

  • Travel company or agency license
  • Travel inbound or outbound operator license

After selecting any one, the procedure of registration and license will begin. All the investors should know about the procedure of receiving a travel license, as investors have deposited some amount in the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

Important Papers To Be Submitted For Travel Agent License In Dubai?

There are some document which is needed to be submitted with the Dubai Dept. of Tourism and Commerce:-

  1. Application Form
  2. Photocopy of the Passport of owner and manager
  3. A family records and identification documents for the UAE.
  4. Experience certificate of Manager

What Are The Requirements for Opening A Travel Agency in Dubai

There are some points which are important to follow like the manager of your travel agency in Dubai must have three years of experience. If the applicant has a university diploma of travel and tourism or five years of experience or high school diploma.

The applicant must have the following approval to receive the travel license.

  1. Payment of initial approval fee.
  2. Request the approval of the trade name of the agency.
  3. Supply insurance policy.
  4. Submit the contract copy and blueprint of location

The lease is for three months and office space should have 30 meter for each activity. Make sure the contract should be signed.

How To Obtain An Inbound/Outbound Travel Agency License in Dubai?

There are most employed types of licenses for travel agencies in Dubai. The license of inbound and outbound gives permission to sell the packages of vacation inside as well as authorize the UAE. On the basis of both license their service they can offer and requirement of completing the licenses procedure.

The following formalities which are needed to be complete the two licenses:


  1. A form of application is issued by the Dept. of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.
  2. If you are a foreign owner then you have to submit the photocopy of your passport.
  3. A Certificate of qualification and good conduct prove you should be submitted to the agency and mage and owner..
  4. It is necessary for the travel agency to appoint a travel agent which should have the qualification of 2 years.

Activities of Travel Companies in Dubai

The activities of travel agencies under the inbound and outbound tour operator allow these travel agencies to organize tours and events outside the UAE. The agency can handle the visa process for outside the UAE. When every agency is organising an event or anything to promote its agency it’s important to have insurance policies which cover the license in duration.

The condition which needs to be followed by every travel agency is that the manger with the 3 years and more of experience can be hired only and after this, the clearance should be taken from the Police Department in Dubai.

What Are Various Roles of the travel agents in Dubai

As we share the information that a travel agent is necessary formalities no matter the agency form selected by the owner. The travel agent palsy a very necessary role in the Company, as there are some activities which should be followed:-

  1. Charge with the sale of flight tickets;
  2. Necessary support in obtaining the travel visa;
  3. Charge of securing accommodation for the tourists

How To Start a Travel Agency in Dubai?

Opening a travel agency is very profitable especially in Dubai as this place is the most beautiful place for destination visitors and millions of people visit this place. If you take a license of inbound and outbound market then you can also organise some tour and vacation for Dubai residents and even for foreigners coming to visit the UAE.Some companies create tours for their employees and the package will be provided by the only travel agency who has the license of inbound and outbound which allow making a tour for inside or outside Dubai.

If you are a foreign citizen who has been living in Dubai for a while and have knowledge about the travel agency then you can also apply for the license to start a business.

We have a huge team of consultants who handle many different projects related to travel agency or any other company type, feel free to contact us as we have a great contact list of travel agents or any other agent which is required to establish the business.